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Shave Ice is one of my absolute favorite treats to eat when visiting any Island of Hawaii! After spending a month on Kaua’i, I’ve made a list of the best shave ice places on Kauai. Whether you’re planning to a trip to Kauai for a week or a weekend, you need to add these shave ice places to your itinerary!

Oh, and yes, it’s called SHAVE ice, not shaved. Drop the “d” :)

#1. The Fresh Shave

The Fresh Shave “offers a healthier alternative to Hawaii’s most famous treat”. All of the ingredients they use are super fresh – from the fruit on top of each bowl to the actual flavoring in the shave ice. They use fresh fruit puree as flavoring, rather than just a fruit syrup flavoring like most places.

This place is definitely the most unique place for shave ice! I ordered the Fu Manchu and it was delicious!

#2. Uncle’s Shave Ice

Uncle’s Shave Ice is an award winning shave ice place! They have two locations of this famous chain – Poipu Beach, on the south shore, and Lihue, the capital of Kauaʻi. It was our go-to place after a day in the sun at Poipu Beach!

My favorite flavor combination is mango, blue raspberry, and strawberry. It creates the most beautiful rainbow and I didn’t even realize until after I ordered it!

#3. Wishing Well Shave Ice

Wishing Well is super cute place because it operates out of an old school bus. It’s located in Hanalei town, one of my favorite beach towns on Kauai. Not only do they have delicious shave ice, they have coffee, açaí bowls, smoothies, and more!

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#4. JoJo’s Shave Ice

Jo Jo’s Shave Ice has 3 locations across Kauai – Hanalei, Coconut Market Place, and in Waimea. We visited the Hanalei location since we went to Hanalei Bay almost daily when we spent a month there.

What makes JoJo’s incredible is that they “give all of its profits to fund free camps for Hawaiian youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience such a camp.” I learned this after visiting otherwise I think I would had gone there every time I went through Hanalei! Eating at JoJo’s is such a great way to give back to the community in Hawaii during your visit. I talk more about this is in my blog, 6 Tips for How to Explore Kauai Sustainably!

#5. Riptides Shave Ice + Snacks

Riptides Shave Ice is in a prime location on the south shore, right across the street from Lawa’i Beach and in front of Lawa’ Beach Resort. They are more than just a shave ice shack, they have lots of snacks to enjoy during your beach day. Anything from smoothies and coffee to hot dogs and nachos.

We actually enjoyed a bowl of shave ice at sunset on the beach, after having a date night dinner at The Beach House. It was the perfect end to our night!

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