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As someone who travels constantly, finding the best travel bag is so important to me! I’ve researched and tested so many different travel bags and thee bags below are what I believe to be the best travel bags! From the anti-theft technology, practicality, and sleek design.

#1. Pacsafe Vibe 100 Anti-Theft Hip Pack

The Pacsafe Vibe 100 Anti-Theft Hip Pack is my go to travel bag! It’s a small but mighty bag. I was surprised by how much fits in the hip pack. In the photo below I have a Canon mirrorless camera, GoPro with stick mount, 2 passports, 2 wallets, and my phone. It’s so comforting to fit all my valuables in one safe place while traveling. In addition to its brilliant anti-theft technology, I love its simple aesthetic design. You can dress it up while exploring in the city or take it on an adventure on the great outdoors! This hip pack is truly one of my favorite travel bags EVER!

Want have your own Pacsafe Vibe 100 Anti-Theft Hip Pack for travels? Click here to purchase yours!

#2. Pacsafe Metrosafe x Anti-Theft 25L Backpack

The Metrosafe x Anti-Theft 25L Backpack is the perfect all around travel backpack. It has everything you need in a backpack – laptop sleeve, lots of internal pockets for storage, water bottle pocket, deep pockets to fit anything else you may need. Just like the Vibe 100 Hip Pack it’s designed with incredible anti-theft technology. Some of the anti-theft features include: eXomesh slashguard within the fabric, Roobar sport locking system, RFIDsafe blocking pockets and material, and so much more!

Looking to upgrade your to go backpack to one that actually protects your belongings while traveling? Purchase your own Metrosafe x Anti-Theft 25L Backpack!

#3. Out of the Woods – Pure Shopper Tote

The Out of the Woods Pure Shopper Tote is a versatile travel bag! You can take it to the beach, fill it with fresh product at the farmers market, or even use it as a work bag while heading to a coffee shop. The bag is made of “Supernatural Paper™ that is responsibly and ethically sourced”. The paper is washable, vegan, and sustainable. All of the things you love to support when using a travel bag that will experience many adventures!

#4. Away Suitcase – The Carry On + the Large

Away Suitcases are my absolute favorite travel suitcases! The suitcases are made from “polycarbonate and aluminum to water-resistant nylon—that are not only sleek and lightweight, but also high-performing and durable”. When I travel, my suitcases go through a lot of adventures. From getting thrown in the back of of a truck, rained on, put under heavy things, etc. Other than the occasional mark, they look and work like new! I am a very practical person and I love the way you can open up each side of the suitcase to pack in the most efficient way! Another feature I love is the TSA approved code lock. It keeps all valuables safe while it’s traveling the world without you!

Use this link to order your Away Suitcase to receive $20 off your first purchase!

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