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Best Gifts for the Adventurer – Ultimate Gift Guide

Gifts for the adventurer in your life might be hard to think of, especially if you aren’t a big outdoorsy person yourself! I am all about finding practical gifts for the people in my life. Christmas is the perfect time to give a gift that someone will actually use and love, not just what’s “trendy”! And a huge reason I started THE WILDLY LIFE is to inspire others to live a wildly adventurous life through travel tips, travel inspiration and more! 

Below I break down my favorite adventure products, gear, and more by category. Each of these items are linked [on the product name] so it’s super easy to purchase! Keep reading for to gather lots of ideas for gifts for the adventurer in your life!!

Looking for a specific type of gifts for the adventurer? Check out the categories below to jump ahead!

gift guide categories:

gifts for the adventurer in your life

This blog post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on your purchase at not additional cost to you. All of these products I truly love and use!!

gift ideas for the adventurer in your life

For Every Day Adventures:

These are gifts for the adventurer who seek it on the daily! The items below are products I truly use every day. Some of my all time favorites!


I use my Hydroflask water bottle so much that it’s basically an extension of my body, lol. Whether it’s on a road trip, hiking, or traveling across the world, my Hydroflask is with me! I love how durable and practical it is. It’s so fun how many colors and different “lid” options it comes in. I have it in black with a straw lid!


If I had to choose 5 items not to live without, my Blundstones would be one of them. They are the most versatile shoes I own! I wear them casually in the mountains, hiking, on rainy days, snowy days, and more. Blundstones are extremely durable and truly made for almost any outdoor adventure! Every adventurer seeker NEEDS to own a pair [if not more than one haha]. My pair is the “Rustic Brown.”

Looking for a male adventurer in yoru life, check out these Blundstone Classic 550 Chelsea Boots for Men! Caleb loves his just as much as I do!


This Canon RP is a mirrorless camera body that is lightest, smallest full-frame EOS camera! We take it with us EVERYWHERE! It’s super light weight and small, making it easy to pack. I can actually fit it in the Pacsafe fanny pack I travel with [listed under “for travel”]. I’m constantly using it to take travel/landscape photos, photos of myself, and photos of Caleb and I adventuring! It’s a high quality, yet relatively affordable option. We love our camera!!

Please note this is just the body, I bought my lens separately. More details about that below!

Canon RF50mm F1.8 STM

This lens is what I take photos with 99% of the time! The framing is a little bit tighter than what your eye sees. I love how small and light weight this lens is! You’ll quickly realize how long, heavy and expensive lens can get. This is a great starter lens for those looking to learn how to photograph or capture more of the every day adventures!


We use our Go Pro to capture more extreme adventures AND to film a lot of our travel vlogs on THE WILDLY LIFE Youtube! It’s waterproof, durable, connects to wifi, takes photos and videos, amazing stabilization, and more! We have a few different attachments [more details below] depending what we are using it for. I LOVE the screen on the front that allows you to see what you’re filming [if you’re not facing out]. That way when we’re using it to film us, we can easily see what’s in the frame! The stabilization feature is incredible too. One time we were film off the coast of Kauai in extremely rough water. We were worried the footage was going to be too nauseating to watch, but when we watched it back it was so smooth it looked like it had been on a hand held stabilizer ha!

GO Pro 3-way 2.0 Mount

This is the mount we use for our go pro most of the time! It makes it easy to film ourselves while adventuring. When it’s collapsed it’s super small and easy to film “outwards”. Or you can use it as a tripod for a more hands free filming experience. It’s super adaptable!

GO PRO Waterproof Floating Mount

We use this mount for any underwater activities, like snorkeling! You want to have a mount that floats just in case you drop it, it won’t float to the bottom. The handle is hollow so it doubles as a storage compartment for very small items. Great for the adventurer who is always around water!

gift for the adventurer who loves to hike

For Hiking Adventures:

These are gifts for the adventurer who loves to hike or wants to hike more! Sometimes the initial investment for nice gear can hold someone back, below are some of my favorite products to start building up essential hiking gear. When I first started hiking I wore sneakers and had no gear. Now, I hike with everything list below and a few more items I’ve added over the years! Having the right hiking gear can sometimes be the difference between life and death [ie. packing with no first aid kit].

Interested in learning more about hiking but don’t know where to begin? Check out my Hiking Guide for Beginners!

best gift for the adventurer


The America the Beautiful Annual Pass is truly one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. For just $80, it allows unlimited access into U.S. National Parks! If you explore more than 3 a year, it’s worth it! It’s honestly a steal. This is a great gift for someone looking to explore National Parks more or regularly hikes and camps in National Parks.

Danner Mountain 600 Leaf GORE TEX Hiking Boots

Danner is my favorite hiking boot brand! They are comfortable, durable, and waterproof. I prefer a high ankle over a low ankle to support your ankle while hiking. The ground ends to be super uneven, and it’s easy to roll your ankle; this helps prevent that! Also, waterproofing is ESSENTIAL. I don’t have to worry about walking through shallow streams or mud. My feet stay dry and protected! Quality hiking boots are a must have item and the perfect gifts for the adventurer who loves to hike!

Looking for a male adventurer in your life, check out these Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men! These are the hiking boots Caleb has – he loves them!

gift for the adventurer


One underrated thing that makes a HUGE difference when hiking is socks! Darn Tough is my favorite hiking sock brand. I’ve yet to get a blister while wearing them, even on long distances. I’m not going to lie; I actually like the colors of the Men’s socks better, haha. Darn Tough Hiking Socks for Men are linked here!

gift for the adventurer


This Osprey Pack is a great pack for day hikes! It’s the perfect size for a 2L hydration reservoir, snacks, extra layers, and essential gear. This is technically a men’s pack, but I use it. Again, like the sock lol, I prefer the men’s colors better than women’s!


We take this Adventure Medical first aid kit on EVERY hike we do! The kit is efficiently packed with the basic supplies for a 2 day adventure. It’s so important to have the proper items just in case the worst happens. We each have one in our packs and one in our truck!

Black Diamond Spot 400 Headlamp

Another item we always carry in our hiking packs are head lamps! We prefer them over flash lights because we can use them hands free. If we do a sunrise hike, we use them to hike up in the dark. Even if we’re hiking in full day light, we bring them just in case! We live with the mindset that it’s always better to be over prepared, especially when heading in the wilderness.

gift ideas for the adventurer in yoru life

For Camping Adventures:

The products below are the perfect gifts for the adventurer who loves to camp! Camping is an outdoor activity that probably requires the most gear. This list includes my favorite gear that make being outdoors even easier!


This Roam Adventure cooler is a MUST have cooler! I believe it’s way better than many of the other popular cooler brands. The latches are super easy to open, yet secure. Inside the divider doubles as a cutting board. Plus many other practical features for every adventure! We have the cooler in “desert tan” and it lives in the back of our truck!


This Roam Adventure Rugged Case is our favorite way to store gear in the back of our truck. Anything from camping gear to first aid supplies. We lock the levers and lock it to our truck so that it’s always secure! Roam has a few different Rugged Case options but we love the way this one opens so it’s easy to get in without taking out of the truck bed!


Depending on the vehicle driven, this is a great add-on option to build out a truck/SUV for adventure! It’s super easy to set up and provides shelter on the go. We have the 5″ awning in black attached to our truck!


We love this portable camping stove! It’s super easy to transport and set up almost anywhere. We use it on the back of the truck to make breakfast after a sunrise hike or on a picnic table making dinner while camping. This makes cooking on the go practical and easy!


The Aeropress Coffee Maker is super portable to make coffee anywhere on the go! While I don’t drink coffee, Caleb does and loves the coffee he makes with it. He’s actually used it in our house before because he loves it that much haha. We use it with the portable backpacking stove below to make it even more on the go!

MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove

We use this Pocket Stove to boil water on the go! Typically for coffee or to make oatmeal at a trail head. This is a great, super quick option to cook if you don’t want to pull out an entire portable stove.




This RUXLIFE tote is a super durable, weatherproof, and collapsable “catch all” for items on the road. Whether it’s packing outdoorsy clothing or gear for camping. In the words of RUX, it “packs like a box, carries like a bag, stores like a case, and travels like a boss.” Versatile bag for any adventure!


This Camp Chef portable fire pit is unique from many other options because it uses propane and is portable. This means that it can still be used at campsites or outdoors during burn bans! While I LOVE the smell of a real fire, especially when camping, this offers a more year round option!


Rumpl Blankets are all-season, weather proof blankets great for any outdoor adventure! They offer a wide variety of patterns, sizes, materials, and even warmth levels. Great for camping, hanging out by a bonfire, or truly any outdoorsy activity!

Woods Mammoth Folding Padded Camping Chair 

I’ve sat in many different camp chairs over the years and these are by far the MOST COMFORTABLE camp chairs ever!! Not only that, but they are huge. You truly feel like you are lounging in this camp chairs, not just sitting! I love being able to curl up and get cozy, even if it’s in the middle of the mountains, far from “luxury”. Get these camp chairs as gifts for the adventurer in your life!!

GSI – Outdoors Santoku Knife Set

GSI is one of our favorite brands when it comes to cooking utensils for camping. This knife set is incredible! The knifes are very sharp [even better than the ones in our house haha]. This kit makes it easy to store/travel with them! It also includes a cutting board, mini dish towel, and soap.

GSI – Outdoors Glacier Stainless Frypan

We use our GSI Stainless frypan for almost every meal we make while camping! This pan is lightweight, easy to clean, and portable. One feature that we love is that the handle folds down, making it easy for storage and transport!

towel made for adventure

nomadix towels

Nomadix Towels are designed for any adventure! They are made of a soft, absorbent, yet quick drying material – not to mention versatile! Whether it’s a day at the beach, kayaking trip, shower while camping, or even hot yoga. This towel will do the job well! They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. We have the one pictured above!

gifts for the adventurer

For Travel Adventures:

These items are gifts for the adventurer who loves to travel! Whether it’s a cross country road trip or an international bucket list trip. I use a combination of these products every time I travel!

 gift ideas for the adventurer


The Pacsafe Vibe 100 Anti-Theft Hip Pack is my go to travel bag! It’s a small but mighty hip pack [or fanny pack]. I actually wear it as a cross body bag. I was surprised by how much fits in the hip pack. Typically, I have my Canon camera, GoPro with stick mount, passports, wallets, and my phone. It’s so comforting knowing all my valuables are in one safe place while traveling. In addition to its brilliant anti-theft technology, I love its simple aesthetic design. You can dress it up while exploring in the city or take it on an adventure on the great outdoors! This hip pack is truly one of my favorite travel bags EVER! If you get only of the gifts for the adventurer on this list, GET THIS!

 gifts for the adventurer

Pacsafe Metrosafe x Anti-Theft 25L Backpack

The Metrosafe x Anti-Theft 25L Backpack is the perfect all around travel backpack. It has everything you need in a backpack – laptop sleeve, lots of internal pockets for storage, water bottle pocket, deep pockets. Just like the Vibe 100 Hip Pack above, it’s designed with incredible anti-theft technology. Some of the anti-theft features include: eXomesh slashguard within the fabric, Roobar sport locking system, RFIDsafe blocking pockets and material, and so much more! I use this every time I travel by plane [which is 3-4 times a month lol].

 gifts for the adventurer


Over the years, I’ve tried many different kinds of adaptors and convertors but NOTHING comes even close to this one. This is one of the only converter AND adapters I’ve found that can be used on all electronics and hair products. A lot of times they aren’t compatible with hair products [usually in the fine print or you find out after your curling iron is ruined]. I love that it has a built in extension cord with lots of different outlet types! I never have to choose which one of my many items to charge overnight, I can do it all! Everyone I know, I tell about this adaptor/convertor because I truly think it’s the best one out there!

 gifts for the adventurer


This may seem random but it’s one of our favorite travel hacks! We use this before every trip to weigh our suitcase as we’re packing. That way we know if it’s under or over weight long before getting to the airport! It’s been a game changer when trying to pack for month long trips, especially internationally!


Away Suitcases are my absolute favorite travel suitcases! I use both “The Carry On” and “The Large”. The suitcases are made from “polycarbonate and aluminum to water-resistant nylon—that are not only sleek and lightweight, but also high-performing and durable”. When I travel, my suitcases go through a lot of adventures. From getting thrown in the back of of a truck, rained on, put under heavy things, etc. Other than the occasional mark, they look and work like new! I am a very practical person and I love the way you can open up each side of the suitcase to pack in the most efficient way! Another feature I love is the TSA approved code lock. It keeps all valuables safe while it’s traveling the world without you!

Use this link to order your Away Suitcase to receive $20 off your first purchase!

REI Co-op Big Haul 60 Recycled Duffel

This is my favorite travel bag to use on road trips or camping! It is not only spacious, it has many practical pockets that make packing in it very organized. Most duffels are just a black hole and my OCD self hates packing in them because it’s pure chaos. This REI duffel provides a wide open storage while also keeping it organized! One of my favorite features is that you can change the handles to backpack straps! Making it even more practical and ready for adventure!

I truly hope you found this helpful for finding gifts for the adventurer in your life!! If so, sign up for my email list below so you can always stay in the know. :)

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