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The Bondi to Bronte Beach coastal walk is one of the best coastal walks in Sydney! It’s part of the iconic Bondi to Coogee Beach walk. This trail connects some of Sydney’s best beaches while giving you beautiful cliffside views along the way. It was one of our favorite things we did during out time in Sydney and highly recommend it! Keep reading to learn all our tips to plan your trip!

Check out our quick link to the Ultimate Guide Bondi to Bronte Costal Walk:

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About the Bondi to Bronte Walk

The Bondi to Bronte walk is about 2.5 miles / 4 km and takes around 1.5 hours of walking time. Depending on how long you spend at different stops, it could take anywhere from 3 hours to all day! We recommend starting early in the morning and taking your time to fully enjoy the walk and all the beautiful spots along the way!

This walk is a section of the longer, Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk. We recommend doing just the Bondi to Bronte sections so you actually have item to enjoy all the different beaches and spots along the walk. After trying to do the entire walk [we ended one beach before Coogee], we felt stressed with time so we skipped areas we wanted to spend time at.

If you don’t know already, the sun is quite intense in Australia. The entire walk is exposed to the sun with few areas to stop and rest in the shade. That’s another reason we recommend starting early in the morning, especially if you’re visiting during summer time!

How to Get There

The Bondi to Bronte Beach walk starts at one of Australia’s most famous beaches, Bondi Beach.

There are two paid parking lots at Bondi but they fill up extremely quick. Street parking is available a few streets away but can be super hit or miss. Due to parking being extremely limited, we’d recommend taking public transportation to the beach! Depending on where you’re coming from, you may take a train and a bus or just a bus. The bus will drop you off a few blocks from the beach!

Another reason you should take public transportation is so that you don’t have to walk all the way back the same way to you car! You can just get on the bus at the end of the walk to your next destination.

We used City Mapper App to help us get around during our trip! We love it because it shows you many different routes to get to your destination and provides step by step instructions. This is especially helpful on public transportation!

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Tips for What to Bring

While the walk itself is pretty easy, we do recommend bringing the right things to be prepared! The path is mostly paved and it’s in full sun the entire time.

We did the walk in the flip flops but would recommend wearing sneakers if you don’t plan to swim and are doing it mostly for the walk, rather than the stops.

Here are what we’d recommend you packing in a backpack:

Bathing suit: if you’re not already wearing one!

Beach towel: we forgot one and let’s just say, walking soaking wet after swimming is NOT the most ideal haha. We wish we’d packed our favorite Nomadix Towels!

Sun protection: the sun is very intense and there’s no shade, so these items are a must! Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, linen shirt or something to covers your arms if you start to get burnt.

Water Bottle: we don’t go anywhere without our Hydro Flask 32oz. water bottle. It keeps our water cool and keeps us hydrated! Don’t worry about packing more than one bottle because there are free water refill stations along the entire walk.

Camera: while most smart phones today take incredible photos, we don’t leave the home without our Canon R Camera with 24-105mm f/4L Lens. It’s what we use to take all our photos while traveling!

Must See Stops on the Way

There is so many beautiful views while walking along the Bondi to Bronte Beach walk. Below are some of our favorites and definitely “must see stops”!

Bondi Beach

This one is kind of obvious…it’s one of Australia’s most iconic beaches and where you start the walk. It’s great to get here early in the morning to watch all the surfers!

The currents and waves at the beaches here can be quite strong so be sure to only swim when following posted signs. Always swim BETWEEN the flags! There are lifeguards all over the beach to monitor beach goers safety. Use your judgment to know your limits when swimming!

Facilities: bathrooms, changing rooms, cafe, and beach shops

bondi icebregs club ocean pool

Bondi Icebergs Club

The Bondi Icebergs Club might be one of the most famous photos of the beach life in Australia. It’s known to be the most photographed pool in the world. This cool swimming club founded in 1929, has 2 lap pools built into the cliffside. From the pool you get incredible views of the ocean as well as Bondi Beach!

Pool Hours:

Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 6:30pm
Thursday: Closed for cleaning
Saturday & Sunday: 6:30am – 6:30pm

Please note this is a private club. International guests are able to purchase day passes. Prices range form $6 AUD to $25 AUD depending ages and how many people are in your party. You can read more visiting information here.

PRO TIP: Want to see this iconic pool without swimming or paying for entry? Don’t worry! There’s an overlook on the coastal walk where you can watch all the action from above.

bondi to bronte beach walk

Squid Bay

This bay is just a few minutes walk around the corner from Bondi Icebergs Club. If you look in the photo above, you can see the path carved into the cliffside. This is where it truly begins!

While this bay is mostly a beautiful viewpoint, there were people laying out on the rocks and even going for a swim. Unless you are native or an extremely confident swimmer, we recommend ONLY swimming at beaches with lifeguards present.

bondi to bronte beach walk

Mackenzie’s Point/Tamarama Point

Mackenzie’s Point and Tamarama Point are just a few steps away from each other. They offer beautiful 180 views of the ocean, cliffside, and beaches. You can even see Bronte Beach off in the distance!

A lot of people were resting and laying out on the rocks along the path. This is a great place to take a little break, drink some water, and maybe even re-apply sunscreen!

tamarama beach in sydney, australia

Tamarama Beach

The water at Tamarama Beach was soooo blue! Photos don’t even do it justice. This is another great beach stop to lay out in the sun, go for a swim, and even watch the surfers out deep.

After spending time at the beach or even grabbing a quick snack, you head up around the other side of the beach to paved path along the road. This is where the photo above was taken!

Facilities: bathrooms, changing rooms, cafe, picnic tables with shade covers, and a play ground.

bronte beach on the bondi to bronte beach walk

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is the last beach on the portion of the walk from Bondi to Bronte Beach. This was a very popular beach when we visited [Saturday afternoon in the summer]. We can understand why this beach is so popular – lots of facilities and quite accessible!

Lots of people escaping the heat and going for a swim in the cool ocean water. You can see the red and yellow flags in the photo above to mark where you can swim!

This is a great place to grab lunch since there’s so many cafes on the street right behind the beach. We ate at Jenny’s Cafe and it was delicious!

Facilities: bathrooms, changing rooms, grassy park area, play ground, cafes on the streets above, and free ocean pool [see below].

bronte ocean pool

Bronte Baths Ocean Pool

The Bronte Baths are a free ocean pool carved into the cliffside at Bronte Beach.

This is where we went swimming and loved it! You still get the cool, ocean water but without the waves crashing against you [or potential sea life]. We loved leaning on the ledge and watching surfer out into the ocean!

Bath Hours:

There aren’t any set hours but it can be temporarily closed to the public for cleaning, swimming galas, or due to rough ocean water.

Facilities: bathrooms, changing rooms, grassy park area, play ground, cafes on the streets above, and free ocean pool [see below].

After going for a swim, we did keep walking towards Coogee Beach but personally don’t recommend it. . We’d already spent over half the day walking/exploring the spots. We were starting to get very burnt, even with all our sun protection, and honestly just tired. The rest of the walk is still beautiful but can start to feel redundant. All of these reasons is why we recommend doing the portion of the walk from Bondi to Bronte Beach and really enjoying each stop along the way!

Want to watch all our adventures in Sydney? Check out our home video below!

Map to the Bondi to Bronte Beach Costal Walk

The walk is pretty clearly marked so you probably won’t have trouble finding the path but we wanted to share our Google Map path that you can save and download! There is a lot of stops/views that aren’t marked on the map too. :)

As we mentioned in the “How to Get There”, you’ll start at Bondi Beach and head towards the Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club to start the walk. There are a lot of maps along the coastal walk, like the one below, that shows different swimming spots, bathrooms, food, etc.

bondi to coogee beach costal walk map

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